Acousticians and Acoustical Consultants

Let's start by saying, all the time and money that goes into our independent testing, modeling software, R& D facilities, and technically superior formulations are to give you objective data and a solid company that can supply a high quality product for isolating Airborne noise & sound!

We did not set out to reinvent the wheel; we just wanted to improve it. If we can make it easy to enhance the acoustical qualities of a building, we are one-step closer to educating the construction industry and public on how we can live higher quality lives when attention is given to the acoustics and not just the look of buildings.

Let's face it, most of you have the knowledge, experience, and engineering minds to resolve most of the noise issues that plague our world. But the truth in the matter is that if you can't implement an easy, highly effective, value based solution for noise within buildings, contractors won't embrace it, engineers won't draw it, and architects won't push it through!

Acoustiblok Mideast offers you, the specialist in your field, all the data, case studies, and materials to supply a highly predictable result for sound attenuation within construction assemblies. We take great pride in painting a realistic picture of results and not a false hope of results. We are well versed in the field of architectural acoustics and building acoustics. This makes it easy to converse about relative topics and assist in the resolve concerning your project at hand.

Acoustiblok yields very linear attenuation in over 400 combined U300, U400, V400, and L500 wall, floor and ceiling assemblies. Acoustiblok does not compromise the "class A" fire rating within these assemblies. This allows Acoustiblok to stand in a class by itself. The common U.L. classification of similar type products is a U.L.94, which clearly states these materials are not suitable for construction assemblies.

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