Return on investment, Sustainability, and a marketable edge over your competitors are three of the main reasons you are a successful developer! Communities create noise! When you bring people together, the pure act of living creates noise. Noise within a residential tower, commercial office, or Hotel can create a ripple in your revenue stream as a developer.

Let's talk about a residential tower first. People are not comfortable paying a premium on a high rise residence to find out that they have to put up with hearing the "sounds of life" from their neighbors unit. It could be the T.V., phone, alarm clock, stereo, or just casual conversations next door. These things do not promote harmonious co habitation in a building. They definitely don't promote lease retention or happy home owners.

ALL business offices have issues of "shared" conversations! In today's day and age of equal opportunities, compensation packages, corporate strategies, and just plain old productivity, it's in the company's best interest to have high levels of confidentiality in the work place. This can prevent huge issues from affecting company moral. All conversations are not meant for everyone on the staff! What about distraction? It's a little hard to work on a creative process or detailed project when you can't help to hear several conversations going on through the walls of your office.

Hotels are really noisy! "J.D.Powers" last poll of hotel visitors stated that noise was the undisputed #1 complaint of guests. Eighty percent of today's 4-5 star hotels in the Middle East have walls, ceilings, and floors you can hear through. That's just unacceptable by any means. If guests feel their privacy is compromised, they'll complain, and seek out a quiet hotel next time!!!

Raise the quality of your projects and insist on acoustical engineering. This will prove to the public that you're using advancements in technology to raise the quality of life for the residents of all the above situations. "Click here for a consult"

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