Let's face it, you have to do all the calculations, estimations, and feasibility studies to bring the "Nuts & Bolts" of a project together!

The engineers of today and tomorrows thriving metropolises must wake up and embrace new technologies that improve the quality of life in these concrete jungles. Privacy, energy efficiency, and lack of maintenance are some of the biggest necessities. The "OLD" way of constructing buildings does not lend itself to any of the above!!! The commercial and residential towers of today are noisy, energy consuming, high maintenance money pits! If you, the informed and credible engineer educate your clients in these areas, it will afford you to build a sustainable, quite, and energy efficient building securing your position as "THE" engineering firm of choice for the knowledge, savings and sincere concern for your investor you bring to the project!

How about a glance into the future of Tower construction that proves:
  • A Lighter (over 200% m2)
  • More flexible ( change orders on the fly)
  • Faster to construct ( expedite construction schedule)
  • Open wall cavity ( for electrical, plumbing, communication, and technology)
  • Better finish
  • Superior acoustical value (STC53-85)
  • No redraw of plans!!! (can be added to current plans)
Could be part of your engineering of a higher quality, value based, enhancement to replace the concrete of your antiquated "No technical advancement" way of constructing interior partition walls. This can expand leasable m2 of real estate, and speed up your construction schedule by months!!!

Acoustiblok Mideast can help with Acoustical privacy, and reduction in Thermal conductance in your building designs. "Click here" for information on Acoustiblok and Thermablok.

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