Interior Design

The look, feel, & interpretation of the Architects vision are your responsibility.
  • How important is it to know what a space is to be used for?
  • How difficult is it to evoke the correct emotions when a space doesn’t feel right?
  • Does the audible perception enhance the visual statement?
These are just some of the things that must be understood to design a great interior or exterior space!

Acoustics are extremely important to the interior design of a space. If a space is to feel comfortable and be used for what it was intended one must understand the fundamentals of reflections and how different elements affect reflection buildup. People will subconsciously want to leave an area or space if it doesn't exude the right atmosphere that it was intended for. The design of any space must take the acoustical design into consideration and treat it with the same respect and effort that goes into the visual side of the space. It's a documented, scientific fact that Humans are far more perceptive audibly than visually. Think about the last time you didn't feel right in a space, was the sound of the space affecting you???

Acoustiblok Mideast is dedicated to helping you create correctly designed spaces when it comes to the acoustical side of the design. "Click here" for more information on how we can help.

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