Let's cut to the chase and talk about "The Bottom Line". As a property investor the only thing that really matters is how high and how long you can make revenue off your investment! As multiple towers are constructed in the region, what really differentiates you from the next guy building a tower the same way, right down the street?
  • Is your leasable space more energy efficient?
  • Does your building have a high level of confidentiality between suites?
  • Can you accommodate for a flexible floor plan and future growth easily?
  • Can you build quicker than your competitors?
  • Is your building sustainable for future technologies?
These are all things that affect your bottom line. Give yourself a marketable edge; implement insulation techniques that allow for more efficient suites and units. Reduce the thermal bridging from unit to unit, and unit to facade. Show tenants that your leasable space is engineered to help them save money so you maintain Lease retention.

Engineer the acoustical values of the building. This will allow for higher levels of privacy and confidentiality in your building verses the others on the block! People will only complain about a noisy surrounding for so long, and then they move. An empty building doesn't produce revenue.

Acoustiblok Mideast can increase sound isolation, decrease thermal bridging, and help you expedite your construction schedule for a more sustainable building. This results in more revenue over the lifespan of the building. "Click here for a consult"

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