Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the quality of living in the cities of today and tomorrow by decreasing the noise pollution and enhancing the level of privacy in buildings.

Society has become numb to the "noise of life"! Just because noise is something that is expected, that does not mean we have to live with it. As the world embraces new technologies to reduce carbon emissions, save energy costs, and promote a more sustainable planet, we the people of this planet can demand higher standards in the buildings we call home, work, and hotels promoting healthier lives and enhanced sustainability of our own bodies. Noise seems to be one of the last things anyone thinks of until they come face to face with the problems related to it.

  • No one wants to hear their neighbor's TV, alarm clock, or family discussions. People definitely cannot stand a crying baby at 3:00am, unless it is your own!
  • Executives MUST have confidentiality in the work place. Benefit packages, salaries, and corporate discussions are on a need to know basis, and the entire office does not need to know these things unless they are in the same room!
  • The last thing a weary traveler wants to hear is the person in the hotel room next door talking on their cell phone, snoring, or watching MTV in the middle of the night.

I am sure one of the examples we have mentioned above has happened to everyone that is reading this page. The good news is, these things can be prevented. if 1/10th of the time that goes into designing a new building would be spent on the acoustical aspects of the building our society would eliminate most of these audible pollutants. It has been medically proven that excessive noise and loud distractions can shorten your life. Our nervous systems were never intended to be bombarded with 80db + of noise from car horns, jackhammers, trash trucks, airplanes and all these manmade sources of noise. Admittedly, humans are very resilient and adaptable to a lot of this and some noises will remain part of life. but Acoustiblok Mideast will continue to lead the movement for quieter environments to live our lives in. We will pioneer new and innovative techniques to enhance the build quality of towers and dwellings. We will also partner with new and innovative technologies that push the envelope on energy conservation and enhance the overall sustainability of the buildings. Insist on a "Change" when it comes to the old ways of construction and the design of your new building; contact Acoustiblok Mideast for a presentation and consult!

Shawn D. Saathoff
President & Managing Director
Acoustiblok Mideast

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