The People

Our corporate team benefits from a diversified professional background, complemented by years of applied experience in various fields allowing them to lead the acoustical change in the construction industry, Our entrenched experience in Acoustics, Engineering, Manufacturing, and over 90 successful years of business management give Acoustiblok Mideast the ability to handle the acoustical challenges that your residential and commercial projects will may have.

President and Managing Director

With an extensive background in acoustics, construction, and design engineering Shawn D. Saathoff leads Acoustiblok Mideast into the future of building the worlds Ecropolis. With over 25 years of designing and engineering listening spaces for a myriad of environments, Shawn has mastered the balance of science and art that goes into such accomplishments. This stems from a lifelong passion for music and a personal drive to pursue knowledge concerning the way in which sound is created and affects our surroundings. He has taken these years of "Real Life" experience and focused all his efforts on building acoustics for the commercial and residential sectors of society. Shawn states "Acoustics are as important as the look of the building when it comes to the architecture. To ignore the acoustical "feel" and design of a building is like looking at the building with a blind fold on!"

Shawn is an accomplished acoustician, musician, artist, and designer. He is proficient in Cadna-A, Bastian, acoustical modeling, ASTM & ISO field testing, and acoustical instrumentation. Shawn is the Vice President of Acoustiblok Inc. U.S., and a member of AES, ASA, AIA, and the USSA business council.

Vice President

Eng. Fawaz Al Kaaki brings his knowledge and expertise of the Middle East and plastics manufacturing to Acoustiblok Mideast. As a U.S. citizen Eng. Al Kaaki has spent the last 19 years running one of the largest and oldest plastics manufacturing plants in the Middle East. His vast understanding of the cultural aspects of the region allow Acoustiblok Mideast to bridge the gap from western society and introduce cutting edge technologies in sound isolation materials to an ever-growing region of the world. Having an engineering mind, Dr. Al Kaaki brings a level of innovation to developing new processes revolving around technically advanced polymers giving enhancements to traditional materials used for sound attenuation. Fawaz has stated "We (the Middle East) need to evolve in our building techniques. Just because we have done it the same way for the last 40 years doesn't mean it's an efficient way of constructing buildings. To enhance the quality of life, expedite construction schedules, and build energy efficient, sustainable buildings we need to embrace new techniques for thermal and acoustical insulation". Eng. Al Kaaki is also the president of Saudi Plastics Factory (SPF), President of Arabian Plastic Compounds (APC), a member of the society of plastics engineers, and the Saudi chamber of commerce for plastics.

CEO & Founder

The man with the vision and background to create awareness of an ever growing problem and bring a simple solution to the world!
Lahnie Johnson is the driving force behind Acoustiblok worldwide. From humble beginnings and a life dedicated to the pursuit of innovation he has spent the last 40+ years building successful companies around the simple concept that is "give the world what it needs". While working in the aerospace industry in the sixties he saw the need for a higher quality of sound reproduction in our lives. He used his technical expertise to build a business based on audio, an incredible establishment that has spanned over 4 decades. He engineered and created sound systems for concerts, night clubs, homes, cars, boats, and planes. In the height of the home cinema craze his company built dedicated cinemas that would rival commercial ones.

This is when it came to him; the world was faced with yet another need, the need to isolate sound and prevent it from bleeding into surrounding environments. Johnson was always aware of how sound propagates and travels, but never concerned himself with isolating it. So, he spent months researching and studying all the practices in use today to isolate sound/noise. The summation of his research was to completely isolate sound; expensive, involved, and required an immense amount of engineering on all fronts of construction. This led him to another question. What if a simple, fast, and affordable sound isolation technique could reduce airborne sound/noise by say 85-90%? This was the answer. Johnson took an idea that has been around for centuries and perfected it. He experimented and tested with hundreds of materials, techniques, and applications for an acoustical solution. Acoustiblok was the result! With over 400 U.L. classifications, no technical expertise required for installation, and the ability to add to an existing design, Acoustiblok revolutionized the building industry when it came to sound isolation.

Johnson is an engineer, visionary, and entrepreneur. He continues to inspire his team with a passion for advancements in acoustical isolation. His genuine concern for creating better sounding environments drives him to continue in the education of our societies concerning the effect of acoustics in our everyday life.

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