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Created out of necessity, we've come up with an economical solution for lowering the noise level of those pesky neighbors. Acoustifence 84 is a 3mm thick sound reduction membrane that spans a distance of 9.1m x 1.8m high! The leading edge of the material has grommets within it to allow easy installation on just about anything you can strap a wire tie to. If extra height is required, overlapping two sections will do the job.

This material is totally different than our main product Acoustiblok 4.88. The physical properties are different and so is the acoustical "STC" (28) rating. Acoustifence was created specifically to be used in outdoor situations. Many of the benefits are listed below!

  • Paintable
  • Waterproof
  • U.V. Tolerant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Produced with over 90% recycled and organic materials
  • Easy installation for temporary or permanent solutions

The concept is simple - a material that can be added in minutes to effectively reduce noise and sound from surrounding properties. Specific results can vary depending on angle of incidence (from source of noise), Surrounding buildings or boundaries, wind, temperature, Humidity, and several other variables may affect the overall result. Results are also frequency specific. Certain frequencies will be blocked more effectively than others. This is true with every type of barrier solution.

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