Similar Barrier Solutions

Acoustiblok 4.88 Sound Isolation Membrane is hailed the reference standard for flexible noise barrier materials worldwide. Various manufacturers of similar (looking) barrier materials often say, "Our product is the same as Acoustiblok, but cheaper", Let's face it, if you have a great invention or product, there is always someone that can make it cheaper, market it better, and make claims of being just as good as the original, right? Wrong! These imitation products are trying to ride a way of innovation and are very different in chemical makeup and so are the companies that sell them!
Acoustiblok is a proprietary, formulated viscoelastic polymer carrying international industry acceptance and unmatched acoustical/fire performance. Acoustiblok has achieved the optimum balance of mass, flexibility and fire resistance with our proprietary formulation. While published densities of 1 lb/Sq Ft (4.88kg m2) is often used as the validating point for the products being the same; the reality is, if you compare same size samples side by side you will find that there are significant weight and flexibility differences between the materials. These are critical differences when it comes to sound attenuation at various frequencies. Similar materials are stiff and heavy; others are limp and light, and many other variations in between. Acoustiblok's unique material composition expels the greatest amount of acoustical energy of any similar product or assembly size.
Acoustiblok Sound Isolation Membrane has been extensively tested for acoustical results by accredited independent laboratories, within many standard wall, floor and ceiling assemblies. Lab tests provide an accurate reference of performance, repeatable in your projects. Due to many variations in constructions quality of build, unfinished structures, and associated flanking "Field tests' should never be used for establishing project performance specifications (unless there are no exceptions to the testing criteria and you are able to test two identical post construction techniques built by the same company, in the same building) . Field tests do provide excellent data for post construction assemblies showing the relationship flanking has on the finished building.
Many manufacturers publish acoustical ratings that are nothing more than copied ratings from similar materials' websites, marketing brochures, or calculated values. The facts is, so called "equivalent" products, have rarely been tested or (when asked) produced a valid test report to substantiate their claims. Make sure you ask for a certified copy of published specifications or U.L. classifications claimed which must be issued in their company's name. As the manufacturer, Acoustiblok's proprietary formulation and manufacturing process controls are regularly monitored by U.L. Labs to assure consistent product performance.
STC ratings are only a portion of the acoustical differences. Acoustiblok has performed extended (T.L.) testing of its wall assemblies to provide a more accurate "real world" performance reference. STC ratings are established based upon transmission losses of frequencies only between 125 and 4000 Hz and let you know the STC @ 500 Hz. This test specification was established long ago to cover the basic acoustical values of construction materials in the human dialogue, frequency range. Today's lifestyles of higher density living, modern electronics, and other factors show that this limited test does not provide an accurate indication of the assemblies effectiveness in present day living. An "MTC" or Extended frequency test will show that one layer of Acoustiblok (3mm) provides an incredible 23db reduction at 40 Hz, in a standard, single metal stud assembly.
Because of Acoustiblok's proprietary formulation, it is approved and classified for over 400 U.L. rated construction assemblies. To our knowledge, there is not a similar tested product that has met the same U.L. classifications as ours. Many manufacturers state a UL94 standard approval that is not applicable for construction applications. In UL94 spec, paragraph 1.5, it specifically states, "these requirements do not cover plastics when used as materials for building construction or finishing". Acoustiblok is a self-extinguishing material while many similar products are rubber-based materials that are combustible. With a rating of "10", the highest rating for rejecting mold and mildew growth (ASTM D3273 test), Acoustiblok stands in a category by itself. We know of no other barrier product achieving an acceptable rating, let alone the highest one achievable. Acoustiblok membrane is also environmentally friendly. It is a recyclable product and is manufactured using over 80% organic and recycled material. Acoustiblok is Non- hazardous, odor free, and sustainable in performance and form.
Using a name brand product, which is recognized and installed throughout the world (winning awards in the British House of Commons) will, of course, add to the quality of build, resale value, credibility, and sustainability over the lifespan of any project or building.



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