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The future of our cities is in the upward direction. Multi-floored towers are becoming more and more the standard in a new cities development. The problem is that these buildings require a lot of time, money, and engineering to construct. The other known and widely ignored problem is the building's acoustical values. One of the biggest problems in these types of structures is sound transmissions through walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and the HVAC systems. If half as much effort were placed on the acoustics as those placed on the appearance of the building, we would have sustainable, acoustically isolated livable spaces in these buildings. The problem is - this is not the case!

Privacy is a huge factor in our lives. The last thing we need is our neighbor's alarm clock waking us up an hour before we have to rise and shine! How about your neighbor's TV at 3:00am when you have to get up at 6:00am? Think of a baby crying (next door) while you are having a relaxing conversation with your spouse? These are just a few of the everyday occurrences of life. Things we all forget about (maybe even ignore) when designing a building. The problem is that, after this beautiful statement of architecture is complete, real people with real life circumstances have to reside and live their lives in this structure. Acoustiblok 4.88 can enhance the acoustical values of the wall, ceilings, floors, and HVAC systems by isolating and blocking these everyday noises from invading your personal spaces.

Acoustiblok: Tower Construction
Acoustiblok 4.88 can expedite construction schedules by allowing gypsum wall assemblies to replace concrete interior partition walls. These walls can be framed out in a 1/3 of the time as concrete block and plaster. These walls with Acoustiblok 4.88 are 200% less in overall weight than concrete block/plaster. Most of all these wall assemblies can yield high levels of transmission loss in the audible range of dialogue, and everyday noises. This results in happy tenants, worry free property management, and high lease retention, equaling project wide savings over the life span of the building!

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