Acoustiblok tapeAcoustiblok Accessories

Acoustigrip (2" x 180', 2 .0 mil thick.) tape is specifically formulated to work with the Acoustiblok Sound Isolation Material and permanently bond to the most demanding surfaces. U.L. recognized and CSA accepted.

NOTE: A.C. foil, duct and other tapes may not remain bonded to Acoustiblok® long term; don't jeopardize the sound reduction results of your installation use only proven Acoustiblok products!

Acoustiblok: AcoustichalkAcoustical Sealant

Sound reduction installations require as airtight of a seal possible. Provides excellent sealing properties and decouples adjacent surfaces, helping to minimize structural sound transmission. Very flexible and maintains its flexibility over time. Specifically formulated to work with the Acoustiblok Sound Isolation Material

Acoustiblok: TincapsTin Cap Disks

These sheet metal disks increase the holding power when nailing or stapling to wood studs. The disks are used to distribute the weight of the Acoustiblok to reduce the risk of tearing and the material pulling off the fastener. (Approx. 500+ disks per box)

Acoustiblok: AcoustiputtyAcoustiputty

Acoustiputty Pads are a quick and easy way to make the back of electrical boxes and other holes or other voids airtight. It is formulated specifically to permanently adhere to Acoustiblok (which few products adhere to). The pads are non-flammable, UL classified, soft and moldable. Excellent in making the required air tight seal required for reduced sound transmission.

Wafer Head Tek Screw

Screw to fasten Acoustiblok to metal framing. # 8 x 3/4" wafer head tek screw, self-tapping, (approx. 500 per box)

Roll Dispenser

A reel for easy, efficient dispensing, and handling of Acoustiblok. The safest and most reliable way to roll out, measure, and cut Acoustiblok, is to place the rolls on a pair of steel jack stands. Includes our custom steel spindle made specifically to work with all roll sizes of Acoustiblok. Capacity up to 2,000 LBS

3M 5200 Marine Adhesive

Bonds Acoustiblok to itself, wood, fiberglass, and most other surfaces. Complete curing time is approximately seven (7) days. 10oz tube.

171 Fast Cure Mastic

Not a contact cement - It is waterproof and will bond Acoustiblok to itself, wood, metal, and most other surfaces. Acoustiblok must be held in place while curing. Very fast cure time, varying with temperature and humidity. Due to the unique properties of Acoustiblok, most adhesives will not maintain a bond to the Acoustiblok, and the bond may release after a few days depending on the temperature. 28oz tube

Bostitch Pneumatic Cap Stapler Kit

The Bostitch SB150SLBC is a precision-built tool, designed for high speed, high volume fastening. Highly recommended for wood frame installations, Industrial quality with heavy-duty aluminum housing for a durable long life. Uses wide 5/16" crown SL staples that prevents puncture through the cap. Can be used for additional fastening applications of roofing felt, and insulation and house wraps. Tool accepts 3/4" to 1-1/2" long SL series staples. Easy loading of caps and staples. Tool free depth of drive. Tool weight: 4.7 lb. Kit includes stapler, case, oil, wrench, 1,000 caps, 1/4" air fitting, 1,000 staples 1", and carrying case. NOTE: Put Bostitch staples & Bostitch caps approximately every 8". Do not space further apart or within any overlap area as slight bending of the drywall surface may occur.

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