Architectural Sound Panels

Acoustical panels, baffles, tiles, and clouds are all architectural treatments that can help control reflection buildup in closed spaces. One of the key elements in architecture is not just the design or look of a space; it is also the feeling that is created audibly! Whether you need to just quiet down and absorb some noise or you have to design a certain type of listing space, we can help with projects from A-Z.

Quiet Coordinates - These panels are economically priced to supply a solution for almost any type of situation. They are easy to install, have a high NRC, and designed for multi-use applications. This three in one solution can be used for wall panels, hanging baffles, and ceiling clouds. They are available in all sizes, and varieties.

Two suspension systems -
Modular Quiet Coordinates: 3" wide, designed specifically for high abuse areas, such as gyms and swimming pools with unique accessories to hang as a cloud or attach to the roof deck, support pennants and flags. They provide a picture frame look to the finished panel.

Slim/Mate Quiet Coordinates: 1" wide PVC extrusion system designed for application in controlled environments such as libraries and churches, and can be attached directly to existing ceilings. Both Suspension Systems are easy to install & have no exposed fasteners.

Acoustiblok Baffle Systems

Acoustiblok baffle systems provide the most absorption per unit due to multiple sides of absorption.

Baffles positioned in several different configurations can allow from a subtle to an extreme anechoic type of boundary. Baffles are ideal for restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, and industrial factories. The exposed material can be very durable, washable and available in several different colors to match the interior space and theme of the project.

Our baffles acoustical performance is stated in "Sabins" per (.6m x 1.2m) unit. The standard material facing is sailcloth (nylon, fabric look that�s washable).The frame of the baffles is rigid PVC available in several colors as well.

Ceiling Tiles And Clouds

Our ceiling tiles and Clouds can be a simple replacement to an existing drop down grid, or a complex arrangement of clouds up to 1.5m x 3m without any sagging!

Our tiles yield the highest "NRC" available for "open office plan" environments! They are completely resistant to humidity and available in your choice of Five (5) facings.

The ceiling of a room can be a great area to treat since most people never look up in a room. The other advantage is a large quantity of absorption for the space at hand. Once the reflections hit the ceiling, they do not bounce back and add to the volume (noise) of the room making voices more intelligible, and easier to communicate in the room.

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