Thermablok is a revolutionary advancement in Thermal insulation. Over two decades have gone by since this miracle of modern day science had been invented by "NASA". Termed "Aero-Gel", the technology within Thermablok is one of the strangest materials known to science. It possesses the highest insulating value of any known substance on earth. It has taken the last seven years to be engineered into a form that could be used in construction and building assemblies. These are very bold and broad statements, but "NASA" put this unique material to the test in the nineties with the Mars mission. The temperatures on Mars reach over 537 degrees Celsius at night and NASA needed a way to protect the instrumentation on their Lander from the extreme temperatures. Aero-Gel was born, and put to the test for over 3-months on the surface of Mars. Aero-Gel Proved without a doubt that it could insulate sensitive instrumentation from one of the harshest environments in the universe.


Now you can insulate your office, tower, or villa with the same technology that has proven to be the single most advanced material for thermal insulation in this world and others!

Looks can be deceiving, Look how much radiated heat is lost through thermal bridging. The top of the house has been treated with Thermablok, the bottom has no Thermablok.


Thermablok utilizes "Aero-Gel" within the fibers of its very make up. Thermablok allows contractors to interrupt the thermal bridging that takes place in the solids of wall assemblies. Over 40% of the world's energy costs are spent on Climate control in buildings.

Thermablok Chart

Thermablok: Schematic 1

The studs (shown as green) are allowing full thermal bridging through the wall assembly, basically they are helping increase thermal flow.

Wall without Thermablok
Delta T = 5.8� F / 3.2� C

Thermablok schematic 2

You can clearly see that with Thermablok applied to the studs, the thermal bridging has been interrupted and now radiated heat does not flow as freely, actually this test proved a 40% increase of "R" value of this wall assembly.

Wall with Thermablok
Delta T = 0.8� F / 0.4� C

Download Thermablok Technical Data:

Download Thermablok technical data sheet 3-16-2009 [PDF]
Download Thermablok Materials Safety Data Sheet [PDF]
Download Master Format architectural specification [PDF]


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