The Concept

To create a company based on a material that has diverse applications, simple implementation, and would enhance the acoustical qualities of standard construction assemblies in use today.

The last thing we wanted to do was re-invent the wheel. We just wanted to perfect a concept that has been around for decades. Our company would be fully committed and expand on the concept and solution of a Flexible barrier material (Acoustiblok). We would test at independent acoustical laboratories, supply all the "real objective" results, and supply all the peripheral installation materials to implement Acoustiblok as a complete sound/noise reduction system for buildings.

The material will meet a wide criterion: Flexibility, extreme mass, thin, and air-tight, and that's just to mention a few! Our material will be our own proprietary formula and U.L. Classified for as many standard construction assemblies as possible.

Our overall goal will be to enhance the acoustical quality of the building, lighten the vertical weight, expedite the construction schedule, and promote harmonious co-habitation by raising the quality of life and privacy in buildings.


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