Acoustiblok, The Science

Mass law and stiffness is the backbone of Acoustiblok. Mass law has been the main concept that the contracting industry has used for decades to value engineer solutions for combating sound transmission in buildings. Unfortunately mass law follows the law of diminishing returns. The initial doubling of density yields the most improvement. Each successive doubling produces proportionally less STC improvement at an increase of cost per STC increase. Stiffness is a huge contributor to how well a barrier can attenuate sound/noise at specific frequencies. The less stiff the material, the more internal damping (energy loss from internal friction) it posses. Acoustiblok employs the best of both. At 3mm thick, and 4.88kg m2, Acoustiblok is the right balance of mass and flexibility. Acoustical energy is efficiently converted to frictional energy and dissipated within the material and sense Acoustiblok is air tight the sound has difficulty passing through the membrane. This minimizes the amount of acoustical energy to pass through a construction assembly incorporating Acoustiblok.



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