Acoustiblok, The Product

Acoustiblok is the name of our company, as well as the name of our product! It is a recyclable, viscoelastic polymer consisting of recycled plastics, and heavy minerals that are compounded then pressed into a membrane. Acoustiblok is used to enhance the STC of construction assemblies by creating a greater amount of internal damping and forming an airtight noise/sound barrier from one room to another. Acoustiblok is a highly effective material at reducing airborne sound/noise. Acoustiblok has a thickness of 3mm, weighs 4.88kg m2, and comes on rolls that are 1.37m (wide) x 9m (long). We also supply 18m, or 107m lengths as well.

The acoustical property of Acoustiblok is stated as an STC of 26. This is the term used to describe a construction material's ability to reduce sound transmission. Due to the lack of stiffness and mass per m2, Acoustiblok has a unique and linear T.L.

Our material is not to be confused with NRC type of materials. Acoustiblok is used for sound/noise isolation not absorbency. Acoustiblok can help isolate sounds from within or outside of a room but will not change the sound, or tonal quality of an interior space. Architectural sound panels that have totally different characteristics will change the sound.


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