Acoustiblok: Residential CinemasResidential and Commercial Cinemas

A home cinema in your Villa or apartment can be one of the most incredible places for you and your family to gather and really enjoy a true get away in the comfort of your own home! It just may be the best investment you could make in your new home. But there may be so much action and excitement happening on the screen that anyone that is not in the cinema with you, may not enjoy all the sounds pouring out from your cinema. We can assist in decoupling and isolating your cinema from the rest of your home. Acoustiblok 4.88 is part of the foundation for sound isolation of a cinema. For years, Acoustiblok has been used as a sound reduction system in thousands of home cinemas. Our initial concept for Acoustiblok was born around this particular type of sound isolation. Since then, we have perfected the Acoustiblok "Home Cinema Silencing Package". we will configure all the material and peripheral supplies you need to implement an Acoustiblok 4.88 sound reduction package!

Acoustiblok 4.88 is the solution for dramatically reducing the sound transmissions through Cinema walls, ceilings and floors. The unique linear attenuation that is created when Acoustiblok 4.88 is added to gypsum assemblies provides enhanced noise isolation at frequency ranges that gypsum inherently have deficiencies. These frequency ranges I speak of are still evident with as much as 4 layers of gypsum applied to a wall assembly. Acoustiblok 4.88 changes the internal damping of the wall. Acoustiblok 4.88 not only adds essential mass to the wall, but it also enhances the flexibility and stiffness changing the natural resonance of the structure. This is why a wall with Acoustiblok 4.88 has a more linear (without dramatic dips and peaks) transmission loss than that of multiple layers of Gypsum or hybrid gypsum designs encompassing adhesives.

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Acoustiblok: Residential Cinemas

Commercial Cinemas have some of the same problems you get in a home, but it is to a larger scale. The dialogue from a movie is about 70% of what the director wants you to hear. The level of sound coming from a commercial cinema's audio system has a lot of intensity and this means that it hits the walls with more energy. This is where Acoustiblok 4.88 can reduce the sound transmission of the walls, and ceilings. Have you ever been sitting in a movie theatre during a quite passage and heard the cinemas on each side of yours? I bet you said yes! This is why our material should be used in commercial cinema construction.

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