Professional and Private Studios

Whether it is a professional multi-track lay down for your next single or just you and the passion for creating music in your own home. It is essential that you have a quality space isolated from the reality of the outside world. Creativity is directly related to the spaces it takes place in. As an artist must embrace creative thoughts, and it is a little hard to do that if you can hear kids yelling, doorbells are ringing and your wife calling you to dinner. So a properly isolated studio for this process to take place is extremely important. Acoustiblok 4.88 is an essential step in building a professional studio. Sound isolation from within or outside are a necessity. The common misconception is that by loading a room full of foam panels, padded blankets, and NRC types of materials will stop the sound from leaving the room. These types of materials will only show real improvements in the tonality and absorption of reflection build up in the studio. The majority of mid, lower mid, upper bass, and lower bass frequencies will still make it through the walls and ceiling.

Acoustiblok 4.88 is the solution for dramatically reducing the sound transmissions through studio walls, ceilings and floors. The unique linear attenuation that is created when Acoustiblok 4.88 is added to gypsum assemblies provides enhanced sound isolation at frequency ranges where gypsum inherently has deficiencies. These frequency ranges I speak of are still evident with as much as 4 layers of gypsum applied to a wall assembly. Acoustiblok 4.88 changes the internal damping of the wall. Acoustiblok 4.88 not only adds essential mass to the wall, but it also enhances the flexibility and stiffness changing the natural resonance of the structure. This is why a wall with Acoustiblok 4.88 has a more linear (without dramatic dips and peaks) transmission loss than that of multiple layers of Gypsum or hybrid gypsum designs encompassing adhesives. For years now, Acoustiblok has been a staple in studio design/construction and continues to lead the industry in innovative product design for the future.

Acoustiblok Architectural panels can be utilized to line the interior of your studio to give you the type of sound you're looking for on your recording or just when your jamming!

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